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Benedictine is made using those 27 herbs and spices, including mace, nutmeg, lemon balm, angelica, hyssop, cardamom and cinnamon.

Liquids from four the giant copper vats, each with a different set of macerating ingredients, are brought together into fermentation tanks where they are left to mature.

He made an improvised mini distillery and set to work recreating the original recipe.

Within three years he was selling bottles all over the world and it had brought him riches and success beyond measure.

Funds were needed and so France’s monarch, King Philip, advised his friend the Abbot of Fecamp to consider distilling an elixir, a restorative for those poor coughing consumptive locals, from which they could make a little bit of pocket money.

It just so happened that the King knew just the man – monk extraordinaire Dom Bernardo Vincelli from Italy.

He got to work in his ecclesiastical laboratory in 1510, blending and distilling a heady mix of herbs and spices until he was satisfied.

The recipe was written down in a huge book and kept under lock and key in Fecamp Abbey, alongside priceless relics.

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At this stage some of the liquid is put in smaller casks for the “single cask” version, which is stunning.

For over 250 years the monks distilled their drink, until the angry mobs of the French Revolution threatened the religious status quo.

Having reached Normandy, the revolting peasants were grabbing anything to help them topple the monarchy, so the monks buried their relics and the recipe book to protect them.

Abbeys were expensive places to maintain, especially the huge one in Fecamp, Normandy, where the liqueur is made.

It was modelled on that French icon, the Notre Dame in Paris.

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